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28 Aug 2011

Soil Salinity

No rain + irrigation = sodium accumulation. Hopefully yours isn’t as bad as the picture but it’s a problem right now in Brazos County. You can help the situation by watering very very deeply which washes away the excess salt and returns the soil to only the salinity of the water. However, sometimes this is not practical! See this article on Wikipedia.

27 Aug 2011

Watering in hot weather

When it’s hot you need to water alot. Sounds simple but most homeowners are not watering enough to keep their yard healthy. Remember that an underwatered yard does not evenly turn yellow or brown – you will see “hot spots” first near concrete surfaces and where there is no shade.

27 Aug 2011

College Station Water restrictions

The city of College Station is considering water restrictions due to the drought conditions. No problem if you have a Prince Irrigation system! ODD and EVEN watering is built-in with every system we install.